Jane Lillico | About Jane
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About Jane

About Jane

About Jane

This prairie girl (proud to say she was born in Moose Jaw) lived in 11 Canadian cities and Los Angeles, California; before landing in what she believes is her past-life home in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Her interior design expertise and construction experience is a perfect match for both the conceptual design and engineering know-how to make art fly.

Papier-mâché is the ideal medium for wall mounted or suspended pieces, with its lightweight and airy characteristic. To accommodate Baja’s incredible indoor/outdoor living, and its growing popularity elsewhere; Jane has added concrete and fibreglass to her preferred media. She recently unveiled her limited edition series of fibreglass Pelicans, hardy enough for exterior installations.

Lillico believes that art should make you smile, and ignite your imagination.

Jane is passionate about being kind to our planet, and takes great pride in the fact that her works mainly consist of recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials. She also believes that size really does matter… scale and impact are crucial to the success of any individual piece or multiple installation. Jane jokes about having a gallery named “Go Big or Go Home” because she prefers to work in life-size scale. However, she’s learning to downsize for transportation purposes, recognizing freight logistics and exploding shipping costs. For larger installations, Lillico travels to the commission destination, sets up studio space, and unleashes her creativity on-site. This win-win scenario allows her to bond with clients, swaps travel for freight expense, and permits her to oversee the final installation — ensuring delighted customers.