Signature Initials

Signature Initials

About This Project

Whether it’s a milestone birthday, anniversary, wedding, or graduation, the most imaginative and thoughtful gift to present that person in your life, could be one of Lillico’s iconic SignatureINITIALS.  A unique 3D sculpture of the recipient’s initial(s), emblazoned with an embossed and enlarged reproduction of their actual signature ~ is the ultimate personalized gift! Each large, lightweight (15″x20″ on average) letter is made by hand of papier mache and repurposed materials, reflecting the personality and tastes of the recipient in a completely unique way. Flexibly designed to hang on a wall, or sit on a bookshelf, they can even form the centrepiece of the celebration. A personal inscription can be featured on the back of the SignatureINITIAL, expressing your sentiments. Virtually any Font, Size, Colour available to suit your special person perfectly. Call Jane to discuss possibilities, armed with their favourite color(s), things, a copy of their signature, and the date you need it!


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