We seldom look upwards because we expect to only see ceilings or sky. What a delight it is for our eyes when we look upward and see Jane’s art giving not only a visual delight but textured contribution to our living space.

Jane Hildebrandt, Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Jane is the quintessential artist ~ her interest in detail, her use of colour, her choice of clothing and jewelry, her fascination with all things creative, such as decor, writing, expressive media, art & fashion. She is a multi-talented woman of great strength, wisdom and loving character. I have loved her artistic pieces from the moment I viewed them… sometimes whimsical, always sentimental, expressive and individual.

Dr. Erica Reznick, Vancouver BC Canada

Jane creates thoughtful, whimsical art which begs to be appreciated. We have several of her pieces in our collection, and they always feel fresh, friendly and beautiful. Each one beaming with its own distinct character. Jane is an intelligent, loving and creative person, and her art is a vividly clear expression of self.

Christopher Molineux, Comedian / Humour Researcher – Brunel University, London, England

Jane’s Art Flies.

Frank Arnold, Frank Arnold Art, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, www.frankarnoldart.com

Jane’s art is for me both deeply personal and subtly profound. I feel as though she is creating just for me. At the same time her work shines light on the universal.

Booth Savage, Actor/ writer – Toronto, Canada

Jane’s papier mache sculptures are viscerally gripping, in that they are so lifelike, they seem to be merely posing for a photo. I was sure the squadron of Brown Pelicans she was working on, was going to fly off before I could get my camera ready.

Alice DuCharme, Victoria, BC Canada

Jane’s artwork is fun. It is not heavily conceptual nor serious by any means. Her work is to be enjoyed and lived with ~ it has a sense of humour. What is serious in her work, is her knowledge of her medium and the construction of the pieces, from armature to the finishing details. The process of creating is as important as the finished work.

Ida Victoria Gustavson, Galeria de Ida Victoria, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico